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"As a global biotech data provider, we have been helping several international Biotech & Pharma companies to build their customer database using our turnkey solutions."

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SciDATA (A Division of InBiogen Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.)
TC 64/700(3), Panthope Lane,
Trivandrum - 695 002,

Tel: (0091) - 471-6542234, 6543344
Mob: (0091) - 974-494-4445

Dedicated to growing your revenue

From finding the right target, to email content, to delivering your message to maximum number of inboxes, we can help every step of the way.

We have the emails - no one else does!

Unlike other email services that require you to have your own list of emails to send to, SciDATA has email addresses available for rental.

Key Capabilities

  • Automated data collection from the web including from unstructured sources.
  • Expertise at locating and utilising online content.
  • Database manipulation.
  • A broad base of current scientific knowledge.