dsUS Pharma Biotech Decision Makers' Database
US Pharma Biotech Decision Makers' Database
SciDATA offer multi-channel marketing lists to contact the key decision makers across the Pharma Biotech Industry to support marketers who target the industry with their marketing campaigns.
a Total Companies 11151
Total Data: 52573 (with email 29150)

Why SciDATA?
  • Quality above required standards
  • Target professionals across the globe
  • Updated every month
  • Highest deliverability rates guaranteed
  • Industry high response rates
Executive Levels:
  • C- Level Executives
  • V- Level Executives
  • Sales Executives
  • Marketing Executives
  • HR Executives
                         And more...

Key Capabilities

  • Automated data collection from the web including from unstructured sources.
  • Expertise at locating and utilising online content.
  • Database manipulation.
  • A broad base of current scientific knowledge.